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  • We know you will love us, so you can commit for as little as one month
  • Phone number set up instantly, manage how it is answered online or with app
  • Only the best addresses, fitted out to an immaculate standard. Your clients will be impressed
  • We never use call centres, and all our team are well trained and presented, available to help your business
  • Market leading IT services:  99.99% up-time, fastest Wi-Fi in the market, 100 strong IT team, tech support available immediately 24/7
  • The only premium global provider; you can access our worldwide 150 office network

How we help you grow

For a low monthly fee your business can take advantage of our investment to allow you to:

  • Have an address in the best building in each city 
  • Commit to as little as one month: would otherwise be five years or more
  • Enjoy a 5-star fit out, which costs on average US$1.5 million
  • Use the best team to support your business, already hired and trained
  • Take advantage of our US$100 million global IT platform

Choose from 28 premium office locations across Australia and New Zealand












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